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Unlocking Potential: How Leadership and Selection Assessments Benefit YOU

October 10, 2023

By: Elizabeth Fleming, PsyD

In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, career search and transition, and personal growth, many individuals and companies seek a ‘quick fix’ that promises to secure their next opportunity effortlessly. While it’s tempting to believe in a ‘silver bullet’, the reality is that a brief 15-minute, self-report assessment is unlikely to provide the comprehensive results you desire. The exciting news, though, is that a more holistic approach to both professional and personal growth not only exists, but is also accessible to anyone willing to embrace the journey.

Assessment Benefits

We, at Ascend Talent Strategies, understand that finding the perfect fit or nurturing growth requires more than just a glance at a resume; however, this is most often the initial hurdle in the talent acquisition or promotion process. What if I told you that there are options – ways to set yourself apart, show up authentically, and build that career alignment that so many of us desire? In a previous blog, we explored the advantages that organizations gain from investing in talent and leadership assessments. Sometimes organizations hesitate to add another layer to the talent acquisition process. While understandable, our aim is to ease the mind of decision makers and help them to see that comprehensive assessment not only benefits the organization, but also the individuals they are seeking to bring onto the team. Now, let’s shift our focus and delve into the benefits that individuals experience when engaging in this process.

Assessment Process Insights That Empower YOU

Our assessments go beyond the surface, delving into personality traits, motivations, critical thinking skills, and behavioral tendencies. This comprehensive approach combines the art and science of assessment to provide individuals and organizations with invaluable insights that support each employees’ personal and professional development journey.

So let’s dive into the numerous benefits that a candidate or employee can enjoy through engaging in the process:

    A Comprehensive View:

    Leadership and selection assessments offers individuals a holistic understanding of themselves. They provide a well-rounded view of strengths, areas for development, and cultural fit within the dynamics of a company or prospective company.

    Objective Selection:

    While traditional hiring often relies on subjective judgments about a person, assessments are data-driven and objective. This means talents and potential shine through, giving individuals the opportunity to highlight these strengths and be fairly assessed based on true abilities.

    Improved Fit/Alignment For Hiring Decisions:

    When someone is the right person in the right role, they are more likely to thrive and grow within the organization. Assessments help ensure that moving into a role is in alignment with skills, motivations, and personality, as well as career interests and long-term goals.

    Enhanced Insight For Employees:

    Assessments empower individuals by providing insights into their unique style. This knowledge helps individuals understand themselves better and make informed decisions about their career.

    Personalized Development Through HR:

    With the insights gained from assessments, individuals can work with HR teams and managers to tailor development experiences to suit their unique strengths and areas for growth. This personalized approach sets individuals up for success from the very beginning.

    Cost Savings:

    Selecting the wrong job or wrong company can be costly in terms of job dissatisfaction and career setbacks. By using data-driven assessments, employees and candidates can make more accurate decisions, increasing the chances that they land the right role for them.

    In conclusion, engaging in data-driven talent assessments is a powerful step in the personal and professional journey. The benefits are designed to empower each person to make informed choices about their career path while aligning these with the organizations in which they seek to work or in which they are currently employed. In a world where finding the right fit is essential for growth, engagement, and happiness, embracing these assessments is a way for individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential.

    ATS is leading the way in transforming talent strategies and, by embracing these assessments, you can shine brightly on your unique path to success. Contact us today to learn more!

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