January 2021

The Cutting Edge Art and Science of Hiring Frontline Leaders

Organizations spend the least amount of time and investment at what is “by far” the most critical role in their organizations: Frontline Supervisors. In every organization, these leaders set the tone for: 1) making high quality products; 2) servicing current and prospective customers; 3) fostering processes that align with corporate profit(s).

Engagement research has clearly identified that Frontline Leadership’s actions, words and behaviors have a profound impact on an employee’s conscientiousness and alignment with the overall culture.

At Ascend Talent Strategies, we have amassed over twenty-five years of scientific evidence and professional experience to help organizations enhance their “hit rate” in selecting Frontline Leaders. Our completely digital experience (with over a thousand of administrations) dives into the factors that are critical to success but hard to measure: Empathy, Emotional Resilience, Political Savvy, Tolerance, Integrative Problem-Solving, Collaborative Decision-Making and Drive/Ambition.

Does your current process accurately measure these and other factors that predict success at the Frontline?

Or, do you just interview candidates and hope for the best?

We offer a low cost pilot program to prove that our Frontline Leadership Assessment has the predictive power to differentiate those who thrive at leading with those who do not have the potential to motivate and engage at the Frontline!

To sign up, simply schedule an appointment with one of expert Industrial Psychologists!

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