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Testament of Services

Ascend provides insight on both the capability and suitability of candidates that we are interviewing.  Their report is comprehensive and contains a vital interpretation of results.  In addition, Russ is always available for further consultation and advice.  While we use the report in helping to make the hiring decision, we also find the information extremely valuable throughout the person’s career at Phoenix.  It can help guide both the day to day management of the employee, as well as their career and professional development in later years.  Accordingly, we consult with Russ for advice on decisions related to promotional opportunities, and also if we are trying to address any performance or interpersonal setbacks. 

Ascend provides both the consultation mentioned above along with a 90-day post-hire meeting with the employee and manager to assist in the onboarding process. Ascend is distinctive in the amount of time, effort and knowledge that’s available in their consultation.  Russ makes it a point to really get to know the company and its culture so he has the critical context in which to evaluate and solve the issues we bring to him. 

One example of help that was outside the hiring process is when we faced a situation with a critical cross-functional team that was not performing well.  Ascend conducted a series of sessions with the team that greatly improved their functionality.  Bob was very successful in his assessment and diagnosis of the team’s dynamics and was able to address some long-standing issues.

Working closely with Ascend has enabled us to more professionally lead and manage our workforce because we have a level of knowledge and insight that didn’t exist before.  I believe our hiring, onboarding, development, and promotional decisions are well above what they would be without the advice from Ascend.

-Scott Frederick, Phoenix CEO 

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