October 2020

Creative Automation

Mark Streckert, co-owner, Vice President at Creative Automation

Creative Automation, Inc. is a world class manufacturer of custom material handling and processing equipment for the woodworking and related industries.

We employ highly skilled electromechanical assemblers, machinists and welders, but the heart of our business is engineering. For years we struggled to find engineering candidates who were both professionally qualified and personally equipped for the demands of custom design engineering. We hired many people who looked great in the hiring process, but just didn’t prove to be the right fit. The costs were tremendous: wasted onboarding and training investment, mistakes, subpar productivity, and frustration for everyone involved.

Working with Ascend Talent Strategies (ATS) to screen potential engineering hires was a game changer for us. ATS took time to really learn about our business and what makes an engineer successful at Creative Automation.

Since we started working with ATS, our hires have been much more successful. Pre-hire testing with ATS has given us a remarkably powerful tool to hire engineers who are both technically competent and the right personal fit for a long career at Creative Automation Inc.

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