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Teamwork and collaboration are instrumental to a thriving organization. However, in too many companies effective teamwork is something that is underdeveloped. It’s not cultivated, promoted, or prioritized. Yet, high performing teams can be developed through clearly defined goals, alignment of roles, and relationships anchored in trust. We help teams, groups, divisions, and departments strengthen communication and reach superior performance levels with team effectiveness coaching.

Help your teams, groups, divisions, and departments strengthen communication, foster collaboration, and reach superior performance levels by leveraging the individual and collective data of your team.

Through a dynamic and immersive learning experience, High Potential program participants unleash their potential, discover their talents, and develop skills to excel in their career.

Conflict Resolution

In our Conflict Resolution program, teams engage in interactive sessions and practical exercises to develop the tools needed to foster harmonious relationships and navigate challenging situations with success.

Team Process

Transform your teams with our comprehensive program, featuring surveys, evaluations, workshops, and conflict resolution. Elevate performance, enhance cohesion, and achieve strategic alignment for lasting impact.


Team Effectiveness Survey

Team Dynamics Evaluation

Business Context Analysis

Leadership Assessment


Team Workshops

Action Learning

Follow-Up Sessions


Improved Performance

Maximize Cohesion

Strategic Alignment

Trusted by Leading Organizations

“The team-building activities offered by Ascend were able to look holistically at the individuals within the leadership team, and then apply them to the dynamics of the team. Honest and open conversations were critical with one another through the process as well as self-reflection. Two components toward making meaningful change. . . In addition, it was fascinating to watch the Ascend team work their craft and bring the team along the process of self-discovery and team effectiveness..”

Chief Human Resources Officer

Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Company

“It sets the stage to acknowledge the strengths each person brings to the team and the importance of each team member’s contribution. Each team member will walk away from the session with the awareness of how they best contribute and how they can draw the best out of others for the ultimate success of the team.”

Senior Director of Talent Management

Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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High-Performing Teams with Improved Performance, Greater Cohesion, & Strategic Alignment

Empower your teams for sustained success and take the first step toward transformative collaboration.