Unlocking Leadership Potential

Understanding leadership theory doesn’t make people great leaders, and not every leader will align with your organization’s specific culture, values, and needs. Drawing on our understanding experience working with leaders and a deep understanding of our organization, we help companies:

  • Assess fit to the role
  • Compatibility with your culture
  • Identify Leadership Potential
  • Align onboarding and development plans with business outcomes

Our tailored selection assessment guarantees a strategic match, aligning individuals and businesses seamlessly for mutual success.

We leverage an objective, in-depth, and consistent process to describe and predict relevant leadership behavior.

Based on a data-driven, comprehensive assessment of a leader, we leverage science to work with leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness and business impact.

Individual Process

With expert guidance, personalized assessment and coaching, hands-on action learning, and a supportive environment, our services offer a transformative journey for program participants and the company alike. These services offer businesses a structured and comprehensive approach to evaluating leadership potential. These assessments not only help to recognize high-potential leaders but also offer valuable feedback for current leaders, enabling them to enhance their skills and adapt to evolving business challenges.


Problem Solving


Leadership Potential


Assessment Feedback

Development Planning

Executive Coaching


Culture and Role Fit

Employee Retention

Accelerated Development

Trusted by Leading Organizations

“Having been through several assessment over the course of my career, I have had some experience with the process. By far, working with Ascend Talent Strategies has been superior. This is a great tool for people who need more personal insight, or advice on how to improve performance.

Nicholas Rustad

“The team at Ascend helps us with our hiring and developing of our people. We rely on them a lot and highly recommend their services. Thanks for all that you do!”

Laura Cullen

“Russ and his team provided invaluable insights into our candidate evaluation process. They were extremely thorough, and provided clear, actionable interpretations of the candidate’s strengths and areas for coaching. The information we gained through this process will absolutely help ensure success of the candidate in his new role and assist in a smooth transition with the entire team.”

Julie Granger

Ascend Beyond with Our Diverse Range of Services.

Leadership assessment is a fundamental component of our development services.

Ready to elevate your leadership? Take the first step with our transformative Leadership Assessment services for individuals.