Comprehensive Assessments for Succession and Transition Planning

Our succession planning services have been utilized by our client organizations for a wide variety of senior leadership positions. Our work begins with an organizational analysis to provide context and clarity on the immediate, intermediate, and long-term challenges and opportunities for your organization. This discovery process also informs a written, custom designed position profile for the target role, inclusive of terms and definitions for the critical organizational and executive competencies needed to successfully lead your organization into the future.

Our Process

  • Organizational Analysis and Position Profile
  • Internal and/or External Candidate Leadership Assessments
  • Candidate Feedback and Development Planning
  • Onboarding Coaching with selected leader(s)
  • Ongoing Succession and Transition Planning

Key Benefits


Succession planning ensures a smooth transition of leadership, minimizing disruptions to the organization’s operations and maintaining stability during times of change.

Cultural & Business Continuity

Succession planning allows organizations to both preserve and advance their strategic goals, organizational culture, and corporate values by ensuring that future leaders are aligned with the organization’s mission, vision, and core principles.

Risk Mitigation

By identifying and developing potential successors in advance, organizations can mitigate the risk of leadership gaps or crises caused by sudden departures or unexpected events affecting senior leaders.

Talent Development and Retention

Succession planning encourages the development and retention of high-potential employees by providing clear career paths and opportunities for advancement within the organization.

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