April 2019

Milwaukee Firm Uses STUCK Tools to Align Leadership Teams

Ascend Talent Strategies

STUCK Coaching is excited to introduce and partner with Ascend Talent Strategies, a Milwaukee-based business psychology firm.  

In early 2019, STUCK Coaching provided their business advisory and consulting tools to assist Ascend with their client’s strategic planning and execution efforts.  Adding the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools allows them to rapidly accelerate this process and partner with clients on the prioritization of key areas of leadership, team, and organizational development. 

Over 100 Years Experience in Business Psychology

Ascend Talent Strategies focuses on providing their clients with solutions to arguably the most challenging dimension of business—the people issues.

The Milwaukee based business psychology firm is sought after for their expertise in the areas of leadership, team, and organizational assessment and development. They serve many different types of organizations across virtually all industries.

“Psychologists really help in the business arena. They develop leaders and help them change their behavior so they can get to that future state with coaching, systems, and tools.” STUCK Coaching Co-founder Jerry Jendusa stated about the partnership.

The Ascend team is comprised of business psychologists who have over 100 years experience collectively in helping individuals, teams and organizations reach their full potential. Rick Bauman, Russ Barcelona, Bob Young & Julie Unite each have their doctoral degrees in psychology, are licensed practitioners in the state of Wisconsin, and maintain a high standard of continuing education in both the field of consulting psychology as well as business.

Focusing on Individualized Business Growth Plans

With the help of the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies tools, Ascend takes the time to acquire intimate knowledge of their client’s business, marketplace, products and services before jumping into the delivery of their unique, highly specialized services.

Whether a business needs help with strategic planning, succession planning, high potential development planning, team coaching, generational family business planning, conflict resolution, or other issues, Ascend will use their expertise and tools to assist along the way.

Their long-term objective is to help each client grow in a measurable, sustainable manner through actionable business plans.

Combining Strategic Planning Tools with Services

This is where the consulting firms partnered together. The Ascend team views strategic planning as a key component to getting to know their clients’ business, culture, leadership team, and operating practices on an intimate level. STUCK Coaching provides these strategic planning and execution tools to aid in the growth and health of businesses. 

Ascend uses the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies’ Business advisory tools, such as the Single-Page Plan, to guide their clients on a path to systematic and sustainable growth.

According to Bob Young, one of the Ascend Co-founders, “Use of the STUCK process and tools enables us to provide our clients with a highly transparent, well-coordinated, and deeply aligned method of setting the future direction and holding the management team accountable for results.”

Aligning Leadership Teams to a Business Plan

A non-profit organization in Milwaukee approached Ascend after their leadership team had been reconstituted. They needed help with team development and broader organization-wide development of their next level of leaders.

Through the initial consultation period, it was determined that strategic planning, using the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process, would complement and significantly enhance these efforts. The organization needed a re-vamp of their formerly derived strategic plan anyway. Their Executive Director was also looking for a way to improve his own process for leading, coaching, and holding his team accountable for results using a metrics-based management process.

The team was able to get aligned while using these tools. They now hold themselves accountable to the same objectives, monthly action items, and are communicating more effectively. Additionally, the Ascend business psychologist is in a great position to help the organization hire, retain, and develop talented leaders who can contribute to the most critical strategic objectives.    

Ascend Talent Strategies serves clients of all sizes and needs in the Milwaukee area. You can learn more about the business by going to their website or by contacting them at 414-888-4287.

To learn more about the STUCK Breakthrough Strategies process, please contact us now or watch the brief video below to get an overview on our business advisory methods.

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