Preparing Individuals Within Your Business For Leadership Roles

What differentiates ATS coaching is a deep understanding of our clients’ business context, doctoral training, and systemically integrated process. ATS coaches are called on to help leaders enhance their leadership effectiveness and business impact. While anyone, at any stage of their career, may benefit from coaching to improve performance, those who are motivated to translate feedback into behavioral change/actions will benefit the most.

Individual Coaching

Individual executive coaching offers personalized guidance for professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills. This tailored approach focuses on goal setting, skill refinement, succession planning needs and any other specific challenges required by the individual or organization. The sessions provide leaders and executives with consistent and personalized support to foster their professional development and leadership growth.

Paired Coaching

Coaching in pairs involves two individuals receiving coaching simultaneously. Participants are provided with a structured framework to engage in guided discussions, goal setting, and skill development all designed to foster communication and promote mutual growth and accountability. The result is continued coaching between the pair, even after their coaching sessions have concluded.

Our Process

  • 360-Degree Feedback (Optional)
  • Feedback, Development Planning and Goal Setting
  • Manager Alignment Meetings
  • Coaching

Key Benefits

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Candid, Objective Feedback
  • Strategic Goal Alignment with the Manager and Organizational Needs
  • Practical Tools and Techniques for Future Performance

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