Setting Up For Success Through Expert Family Business Consulting

Family Business Consulting is a specialized advisory service dedicated to supporting and optimizing the unique dynamics of family-owned enterprises. With attention to the psychological, business, management, and unique governance issues faced by family businesses, we help to clarify, prioritize, and resolve complex issues. Families can then in turn, build a multigenerational family business legacy, strong family bonds, and lasting memories. Whether through development of the next generation, succession planning, conflict mediation, or development and facilitation of Family Council, Boards, and Shareholder Councils, – we can help.

Our Process

Key Benefits

Legacy Planning

We guide family businesses in defining and preserving their legacy for future generations. They assist in creating philanthropic initiatives, establishing family foundations, and documenting the family’s history, values, and traditions.

Generational Family Harmony

We assist in bridging the generational gaps within family businesses by facilitating communication, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting collaboration between older and younger family members.

Business Professionalization

Our consulting services assist family businesses in adopting professional management practices, governance structures, and strategic planning processes. This professionalization enhances the organization’s efficiency, effectiveness, and long-term sustainability.

Professional Networking

We have extensive networks and connections across many different family businesses and a host of other professional advisors across Wisconsin and Minnesota. We can introduce family businesses to like-minded family business leaders and families, potential advisory partners, and other stakeholders who can help facilitate future growth.

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