December 2022

DRiV Community of Practice (with Russ Barcelona of Ascend Talent Strategies)

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Developing and Retaining Quality Talent (w Julie Unite of Ascend Talent Strategies)

Now more than ever, it’s critical to find and retain quality talent. But it’s more than that; you must also sustain demands, be efficient, engage, and meet goals. But as...

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A Tale of Two Leaders – Unpacking 7 Key Criteria for Success in a COVID 19 World

How can you hire, promote and develop leaders that strengthen your talent pool in our new operating environment? During this webinar, “Unpacking 7 Key Criteria for Success in a COVID-19...

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Hiring Frontline Leaders in a VUCA and Virtual World

What qualities are critical in leading at the frontline in a VUCA and Virtual World? Russ Barcelona, Ph.D. and Julie Unite, Ph.D. draw from their education, experience, and rigorous scientific...