August 2023

Scrimmaging: Unveiling the Winning Play of Business Team Development

By: Russ Barcelona, PhD

In general, I get tired of the misuse and overextension of analogies between sports and business… until this morning.

I’m guessing some of you may also find sports analogies nauseating; however, I ask you to humor me and hear out just one more use of the “sports analogy” as applied to business?

How do teams get better, test their capabilities and learn to “simulate” those abilities on the playing field?

The answer that popped into my head today is the practice of “scrimmaging,” but in the business context. Scrimmaging is defined as the practice of simulating the game as a team with individuals being tasked to perform and to act within a team environment context.

Also, let’s take the inferential leap that scrimmaging as defined must “test both individual and team-level” skills simultaneously….

The question becomes what various team-coaching models/practices accomplish this, while also enhancing performance within the time and space of the “event”? Of course, we would also like to emphasize the need for practice through follow-up.

Warning: If you are bothered by shameful approaches to business development read no more!

Cue our animated video!

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